engineer of the installation
“A possibility to find a new life for knowledge and to link this knowledge with art practice and artifacts”

After the receiving of the diploma of the 1st degree in the Faculty of Radioelectronics and Telecommunications of Kaunas
University of Technology, Algis Sakalauskas started to work as an engineer-constructor in the section of nonstandard
electronics of the company UAB “Ekspla”. Since the very childhood Algis Sakalauskas shows intense interest in optics,
later – in radioelectronics. At free time he constructs various devices (telescopes, devices of radio communication, digital
technique). Several years ago he took interest also in the physics of sound and the science of psychoacoustics which
naturally stimulated the acquaintanceship with cognitive psychology and psychology in general.

This project is a possibility to see what may be done in the striving of a common goal by a group of people who sincerely
take interest in different fields. I am glad that these endeavours were aimed first of all to the purpose that deserve such
cohesion in the first place – the fundamental state symbol – the anthem, presented in a new form.

For me, it was pleasant and useful experience of the intersection of science and art, a possibility to use the acquired
knowledge of optics, signal transmission and psychoacoustics in the world of art. To find a new life for this knowledge and
to merge it with the practice of art and artefacts: textile, music and design.

I am sure that this piece of art will be pleasant new experience for the spectators. This piece of art will not only present
Lithuania as a country of technologies but also will popularize the very sciences of physics and inspire people for new
works, searches and discoveries.


Algis Sakalauskas