textile artist
"Due to this project a person may experience what an ear for colors is"

Associate Professor of the Department of Textile of Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Member of the Council of the Lithuanian Artists Union,
Chairman of the Section of Textile.
Organiser of the biennales of Lithuanian textile art since 2004
and international mini exhibitions of textile since 2005.

...In the panorama of the diverse modern Lithuanian textile the creation of Žydrė Ridulytė distinguishes itself by
meditational mood and minimalism of artistic expression. Heavy weighted pieces of art, woven from copper threads,
look like a light breath of wind. Economy of artistic expression means conceals a deep inner implication and invites to
penetrate into the archetypical concepts – lightness and darkness, beginning and end, and encourages to admire fixedly
the silhouette, facture and light changes of the transformed piece of art. Copper pieces of fabric breath refined elegance
while traditional patterns, woven next to the metal threads, reflect deep links with the rich folk art of Lithuanians.
Lijana Šatavičiūtė – Natalevičienė / Aistringoji Lietuvos tekstilė, 2009 “

In the project “The National Anthem”, I participate together with the creators of different art and science fields who had
focused on a common purpose – to create a new form of convincing art using the synthesis of different expression means.
An answer is searched to the question what happens when different types of sensors and different branches of arts are
merged. Is it possible to understand the anthem by hearing and sight and to find intonational unity in this link?
The embodiment of music connections in the colour and a piece of fabric is a long and interesting process. This search is
like a travel into the world of electromagnetic vibration of sounds and colours. Sonic vibrations; electromagnetic vibrations,
diffusing by each colour and corresponding that colour; similar electromagnetic vibrations radiated by a human being’s
cells. These are important interfaces.

As a representative of textile in this collective of likeminded people, I especially appreciate the fabric of the visualised
anthem and the woven language of colours which corresponds the sounds.
It is symbolic that two colours of the basis of the fabric are white and black; the white colour represents the beginning and
the black colour symbolizes the end. The gamma of the colours woven in the weft, - red, orange, yellow, azure, blue and
violet – symbolizes everything what comes into the world and dies in the endless cycle of evolution. This is a sequence of
colours obtained when the beam of light crosses the prism.

Due to this project it is possible to experience what is coloured hearing. It is like the dream of Louis-Bertrand Castel.
Several centuries ago he wrote that if during concerts you could see air affected by the voices and instruments, you would
be amazed by seeing true and nicely grouped colours. The music of the sound of “The National Hymn” was replaced by
the music corresponding it and this transformation was intercepted in a piece of fabric. It is impossible to express that joy
and pleasure you experience while seeing the chords of such significance piece of work.



Žydrė Ridulytė